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Madeira Mandolin Orchestra adopts new contingency measures

Following the presentation of the new contingency measures to COVID-19 by the Regional Government of Madeira, on 18 November, and taking into account the announcement of a one-week adaptation period to the same new measures, the association Recreio Musical União da Mocidade, on behalf of the Madeira Mandolin Orchestra, hereby informs that, from 00:00 on November 20th, the concerts of the Madeira Mandolin Orchestra will only be accessible after proof of the Vaccination Certificate to COVID -19 OR of a negative Rapid Antigen Test.

After the adaptation period, from 00:00 hours on the 27th of November, the mandatory sampling of the Certificate of Vaccination to COVID-19 AND a Rapid Antigen Test with negative result, will be adopted, which can be carried out in the concert venue, to access the concerts/events of the Madeira Mandolin Orchestra.

It is with the objective of combating and preventing COVID-19 in Madeira that we ask our audience for all your understanding and cooperation in complying with these new measures, so that culture is not, again, harmed.

by OBM – Orquestra de Bandolins da Madeira | Madeira Mandolin Orchestra®